Are You Man Enough for the Men’s Rights Movement?

In this article, GQ infiltrates the Meninist movement at A Voice for Men’s first International Conference. The journalist has one-on-one interviews with the founder (Paul Elam) as well as many other members.

One of the more horrifying members is a man named Albert Calabrese. Calabrese is wearing a “free Maynard” shirt in honor of his friend and colleague who is in jail for the possession of child pornography. Calabrese says that Maynard might argue that 14 is sexually mature, that he thinks the age of consent should be the average age of menarche: 12.3. “He likes women,” Calabrese says. “He does not unlike women just because they’re young.” Calabrese does not unlike preteen girls, either and believes that the legal age of consent should be 12 because he would rather “err on the side of 12-year-olds having sex than on the side of ruining men’s lives.”

Another member speaks about his two daughters who he says “compete for the most exaggerated rape claim.” He says it is “a status thing.” When one of his daughters came home one night and said she’d been raped, he said, “Are you fucking kidding me?” This man went on to say that he told his daughter he would disown her if she pressed charges.

The article is filled with similarly horrifying interviews and discussion about false rape claims, how women “beg” for violence to be inflicted against them, and the reasons feminism is ruining the world. Some of the reasoning behind the movement, however, is not unfounded. The author points out that: “The irony of the men’s rights movement is that its critique, its focus on the constraints of gender, is essentially a feminist one.”

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