Debunked Myths from the Men’s Rights Movement

Screen-shot-2012-12-13-at-11.21.32-PM is one of our favorite news sources out there. They have a way of breaking down a story so that people not only understand it, but they feel invested in it. In this particular article, titled “The 8 Biggest Lies Men’s Rights Activists Spread About Women”, the site looks at common arguments put forth by Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) and highlights the flaws in their logic. Many of the points attack feminism and try to shame any action aimed at improving women’s place in society. The 8 most common arguments heard from MRAs include:1. Feminists hate men, and are out to turn the world against them.2. Feminists are hypocrites, because chivalry is a female privilege.

3. The courts are biased against men and in favor of women in custody disputes.

4. Male circumcision is just as bad as female genital mutilation.

5. Avoiding conscription is a female privilege.

6. Men’s media depiction is worse than women’s.

7. False rape allegations are endemic.

8. Feminists want to turn everything into rape.

It is shocking to read through all of these arguments and see how the reasoning put forth for them is almost always exaggerated, incorrect, or a misunderstanding of what the feminist movement is. To learn more about how to address each of these arguments if you are faced with a conversation in which they are brought head on over to the site and read their explain (

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