“Honey badger don’t give a shit.”

We’re not surprised that some men don’t like feminism. After all, the goal of feminism is gender equality and in our quest for gender equality, men stand to lose a lot of the privilege they currently hold. Why would anyone want to give that up?! (because they think women are humans and deserve equal opportunity?!!? LOL, nah).

What DID surprise us, however, was the substantial number of women in the anti-feminism movement. The women who attended the A Voice For Men conference call themselves Honey Badgers, based on a YouTube video in which a honey badger fights off a swarm of bees and then the bite of a cobra in pursuit of it’s prey.

These women advocate on behalf of the men in their lives, whom they feel are the oppressed gender. The reasons for their stance are as follows:

(1) The family court system, which activists say frequently forces men to pay too much alimony while not considering their feelings when awarding the custody of children;

(2) Government programs that assist only women rather than both genders, especially those that give aid to female victims of sexual assault—MRAs claim that men who suffer the same abuse are often ignored;

(3) The right to opt out of raising a child, since, some MRAs say, women can opt out of a pregnancy;

(4) False rape accusations, which MRAs think don’t get enough attention from a culture increasingly inclined to believe women who say horrible things about men;

(5) Fighting back against radical feminism, the ultimate evil as far as the movement is concerned.

These women resort to outrageous language and examples in order to “get attention” and make their point. Watch the video for more information!!


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