The Deadbeat Dad fighting for the Rights of Dads

“Paul Elam has become the face of the modern men’s rights movement by rallying against false rape accusations and divorce courts that favor mothers. But exclusive BuzzFeed News interviews with his estranged daughter and ex-wife show that his pet causes are very, very personal.”

After reading about Paul Elam, we were confused. (How could someone really believe these things?! Do men that we know think like this?! Will we encounter men in the future who think like this?! AHHH!!)

Then, we read this BuzzFeed article about Elam’s life. We are no longer quite as confused.

When he was newly married, Elam’s wife was raped by his friend. “Soon after, she was pregnant, and too scared to tell Elam what had happened. When her daughter was born in 1979, Susan breathed a sigh of relief: Her daughter was white, like Elam, and her assaulter was not. Soon, the truth came out. “I couldn’t hide it anymore,” Susan said. Elam told her she had asked to be raped, and that she had slept with his friend because she was bored with her marriage. “I told him he had no idea,” Susan said. “How could he have? He wasn’t even there.”

After the birth of his daughter, Elam got into drugs and alcohol and was basically on a downward spiral for many years. He was married and divorced at least three times altogether and only briefly reconnected with the daughter he abandoned. In her interview with BuzzFeed, Elam’s daughter describes their brief relationship as happy, until he began to show his true colors. His blatant racism and inappropriate treatment of his grandchildren created tension between him and his daughter and Elam once again abandoned his children.

This article is filled with anecdotes about Paul Elam from the perspective of his first wife and his daughter. These stories help to paint a more accurate picture of the man behind the Meninist movement. The logic behind this movement is perfectly represented by some of Elam’s own words: “Should I be called to sit on a jury for a rape trial, I vow publicly to vote not guilty, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the charges are true.”

Paul Elam, everyone.

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